Thursday, June 09, 2011

madrid - montreaux jazz ::: iphone motorcycle dock

we continue preparing the trip.

"la canalla" has been in the workshop. bmw marrakesh brown paint, side mount plate holder and new round oil tank in which we plan to fit and relocate the ecm. this way i´ll be able to keep the rear fender to the minimum expression while having the posibility to put on the detachable sissybar for traveling. with this project we are trying to prove that looks can go hand in hand with being practical, and thus having a bike which will turn heads as well as being able to ride it loaded with luggage to far away destinations.

when thinking of riding through france, switzerland and italy, cash comes to mind. tolls are known to be some of the most expensive in europe, and we want to avoid this since the essence of this blog is to guide you through the best and most beautiful roads on a budget and in as little time as possible. we also want to avoid boring expressways and want to enjoy the transition from the coast in the languedoc-roussillon to the swiss alps. for this we decided we will make use of technology. this is quite unusual in our travels since we have always believed in following our instinct and knowing that getting lost has a positive outcome. however, since this time we are traveling further and we have a tight deadline to get to places, we are setting up the tomtom gps on our iphone 4 and we will follow instructions on how to get to valence, bern, milan and saint tropez.

we have read on different iphone holders to atach the phone to the handlebar and finally chose the one made by 4lock. it costed 37€ plus 19€ for shipping charges to madrid. it should still be on the way, so we will review the product once we have it with us.

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