Friday, June 10, 2011

madrid - montreaux jazz ::: intercom

attaching the iphone to the handle bar was one part of the dilema.  so how do we get to listen to the instructions? we had to look for an intercom set up which would allow us to comunicate (pasenger-pillon) and listen to the navigation instructions.

for this trip we will be using a cheap intercom which will allow us to conect the iphone to the system through a 1/8" stereo jack which we bought in lidl some time ago. so far it has worked alright. however, the plan is to upgrade this some time in the future. the idea is to get our hands on a set of bluetooth intercoms which will provide several solutions simultaneously.

  • connectivity between passenger + pillon + other drivers
  • the ability to connect different speaker/mic options

as of today, and after a lot of researching on-line i have found that the sena smh10 is probably the best option. i have also read really good reviews on the cardo g4, but this one does not allow to change the mic/speaker system.

many of you might be wondering, why change the mic/speaker? well... being a harley rider, i am unsure about how the engine and wind noise will affect the performance of the mic, so i thought... why not plug a throat mic instead of the regular mic? im sure this will most probably ensure a clear communication between rider and pillon.

so i found an intercom set which includes a throat mic, but it aint bluetooth. it is manufactured by firefox technologies and seems like a quite affordable option, but then again, it still lacks the bluetooth feature to be perfect.

another very attractive option would be the imc motorcom bts 300ps which has the option to plug in a different selections of headsets/mics, although i have not found much info on them on the web, so ill keep looking for product reviews before making a final decision.

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