Wednesday, May 25, 2011

madrid - montreaux jazz ::: the plan

so it´s been decided.

on friday july 1st we will be on our way to montreux jazz festival.  the goal? to visit some really special friends and catch james blake in concert.
the itinerary (always subject to change)

july 1st: madrid - barcelona
july 2nd: barcelona - valence (france)
july 3rd: valence - bern

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base will be set in bern and from there we will engage in different activities in the area including bike rides and montreaux jazz concerts.

july 7th: bern - avignon
july 8th: avignon - barcelona

we will be assisting barcelona harley days and hopefully catching up with friends over there.

july 10th: barcelona - madrid

will be documenting as much as possible.  keep checking updates to see how the trip evolves.

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