Thursday, July 29, 2010

bay of biscay and galicia ::: part III

asturias & galicia

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thursday was a day full of stories. we were already almost hitting our final destination and the end seemed closer than i wanted, but we were about to continue having all sorts of things happenning to us on the way.

shortly after leaving cangas de onis, we stopped for fuel and as we were riding out of the petrol station, charly broke his front brake lever... thank god it was not sunday, although finding a business which is open during lunch hours in spain can be a difficult task. all we had to do was wait till 4 or 4:30 and find a workshop or a suzuki dealer that would have a spare lever. fortunately we were fairly close to oviedo and the road was not as curvey as the ones we had just passed the previous days. at least till oviedo.

old "águila negra" brewery

so we found a suzuki dealer which happened to be right next to a typical asturian cider house where we had lunch while we waited for the shops to open. again, we found great typical food for a ridiculously cheap price. if you happen to be in oviedo, visit "sidrería tierra astur".

after lunch we were in desperate need of a "siesta", but we also needed to make it to galicia before sunset if we wanted to be in shape for the party in vigo on saturday, so we continued getting slowly back to the coast. the road to get to the coast from oviedo is perfect for motorcycles. great scenery and plenty of good places to stop and have a bite if you need to. however, we had a little episode with a dude who thought tailgating was fun. we saw a "guardia civil" patrol car and had the chance to report him. hopefully he will think twice before repeating his feat with other riders.

the last part of this leg was a walk in the park, and the atlantic weather made itself a little more obvious as we aproached ribadeo, a little cloudy and more chilly than what we had so far.

a sight worth mentioning, just before hitting ribadeo... there is a helipad and a storage area for windmill sweeps. this region of spain has plenty of windmills on the top of the mountains used to generate electricity. the sweeps are huge, so they are transported to the storage facility by truck and then lifted by helicopter to the top of the mountains where they are assembled. how i wish i would have stopped to take a picture.

initialy we wanted to stay overnight in ribadeo, but finding a nice place facing the sea was hard, and we were told by the locals to go to foz instead.

we followed instructions and ended up finding a great apartment for the 4 of us for 120€. 2 rooms, kitchen, living room with a huge t.v. and a balcony facing the sea. couldnt be more perfect.


foz happened to be a great place to go out at night too. plenty of young people and super cheap drinks. we ended up at a bar called zooropa, which had a bingo night, so for every drink (4€ /drink is super cheap in spain) they would give us a card to play bingo. our friend "ñas" decided to fuck with us a little and crossed the last remaining number of one of our cards without us noticing and we called bingo. funny moment of the trip. the whole bar was carefully listening to all the numbers being checked, but when number 35 was checked... all started laughing. we were shocked to see ñas laughing too and gave him the "youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!" kind of look... hahaha fair enough, we had a laugh ourselves i guess.

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