Monday, June 22, 2009


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today i talk about a short route worth exploring.

the reason behind this route is a good friend´s wedding, which took place in an old convent in pastrana. i have to say, the place was fantastic and provided the guests with a great way to spend a summers night under a sky full of stars and far from madrid´s heat.

pastrana is known for being the place where Philip II of Spain imprisoned the Princess of Éboli during the late 1500´s.

the town has great places to eat and are easy to find. the town ain´t too big. its also very nice to walk around and apreciate the different buildings left behind by the middle ages.

i originally planned to take a ride around the area, but was not able to due to the busy schedule and the need to help the groom with last details before the ceremony. however, there are 2 reservoirs in the area and 2 nuclear powerplants which provide with pretty interesting sights.

most of the area is sorounded by fields dedicated to hunting and small villages. loads of turns and plenty of ingredients for an enjoyable ride.

i will post the route i originally planned in case it is of any use and i will add it to my to do list... i would love to take a dip in any of the 2 manmade lakes.

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