Monday, September 15, 2008

25th aniversary, big twin club - spain

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It has been my first time in castellon´s big twin club gathering. i have always heard of it but for one reason or another i was never able to make it.

the trip, once again, was simple and pretty fast, considering we could only count with the luxury of a weekend for the trip (i need a holiday). on this occasion, we were 4 bikes for most of the trip. of course it is always a lot more fun when there is good company, but other than that, the journey was pretty much the same as the one to alicante. however, i would like to mention... there is a servired a.t.m. at "el rebollar". you can refuel, eat, buy cigarettes and withdraw some cash should you need it. i thought this would be a useful piece of information since i have seen myself in situations where im on the road and i only have a credit card but no actual cash. so there.

around sagunto, we met up with other friends who had started the ride slightly before us. the group grew in number of riders from 4 bikes to 10. most of us went to a hotel in the city centre, and a couple decided to camp.

dropped our stuff in the hotel and headed for the show. you probably know the drill... beer, concerts, bikes, parts, clothes... first night we took it fairly easy.

saturday we were back in the show by 1pm. had a little ride to "parque del meridiano" where the organisers had arranged some beer and paella for everyone. thumbs up for them, that was one tasty paella with rabbit they served.

later me and my friends rode to the port area, sat down at a "terraza" opposite a bar called la pacheca. la pacheca was closed and unfortunately our only option was that bar on the corner with crap drinks and a horrible service. avoid the horchateria in the corner.

back to the show to see the actual contest. there were bikes from all over the world, including the u.s. of a., italy, germany, france and of course, plenty of local bikes. i loved the one presented by 1903 biker store.

a vary tastefully constructed bobber, originally a softail springer with an indian larry gas tank and a great paint job.

txus is also the guy who has done most of the work on my ride, except for the handle bar.

the winner was this very cool but uncomfortable looking build by t-sable from mejorada del campo in madrid.

note the space between the spokes is covered with stingray skin or galuchat. it also had other details covered in this beautiful material such as grips and some screws. gas goes in the frame itself although i tend to wonder how much gas goes into this anyway considering how hard it must be to ride this.

after all the bikes were displayed i wondered around the venue looking at all sorts of rides and people in the search of that one great shot, looking for t-shirts and other things and accessories i probably didnt need. luckily for my wallet, i ended up limiting my activities to people watching and admiring a couple of rides which were not showcased in the contest.

before the prizes were awarded for the bikes, i bumped into my friends again and we headed back to "la pacheca". we met up with a couple more friends who came late on saturday, one of which i had not seen in a long time. enjoyed some nice and cold beers dressed with a very pleasant conversation... which is what makes thes meets so wonderful after all.

well... one thing i was convinced this blog was lacking... places to eat. let me just say, i would have never imagined i would find such place so near la pacheca or in castellon.

this is important. if you find yourself in this city, make it a point to find a restaurant called "mesón el paso" in alvaro de bazan 3. i had a great "guisado de toro" (bull stew) and a beer. not only it was one of the best stews i have ever tried in a restaurant, but it was also very cheap. i paid for my drink the stew and some bread that came with the stew the crazy amount of €5.30!!!!!

this price today, in spain... is unheard of. at least in a city. really worth a try if you ask me.

the rest of the night went as smooth as the previous one, with the difference that we managed to see deep purple play a pretty ok concert, considering how old they are already!

back home by 2.30am and rest for the way back.

it was 9 bikes riding back to madrid with the occasional tag along that joined for a couple of miles before taking a detour to their final destination.

all in all... again i cant talk much about the riding itself since it was pretty much the same as the alicante one. but still, a great weekend trip with great people.


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