Wednesday, July 23, 2008

madrid - segovia

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so last sunday i went on a ride with javi. left madrid for a few beers and some tapas in segovia. nothing too long in terms of both time and distance, but one very exciting ride, far from conventional, full of sharp turns going up and down the mountains in the puerto de navacerrada and breathtaking views of the valleys.

the main purpose for this ride was simple, have a few beers and "torreznos" in segovia and be back in madrid to catch the last part of the F1 race. and thats exactly what we did.

the way back i would have to mention the amazing sight of an eagle (huge one by the way) which took of just as we were riding next to it and flew over us.

to conclude this very short post, i have to say, if you are not sure what to do and you are in madrid, specially during the summer... try riding to segovia, avoid express ways and you wont regret it.

next... galicia.

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